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a. >> this is what happened when a pipe burst early today in the
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hills above daly city neighborhood. >> looks bad. real bad. coming down to our house. that's 4 blocks. a lot of mud. >> it is a lot of mud. fast moving river of mud rushing through the neighborhood burying cars all the way up to the bumpers. good evening. the good news here is that the mud stopped short of people's homes. but even as we speak the hillside park neighborhood is dealing with a muddy mop up. and there is some urgency to get this done before the rains hit later this week. possibly undermining an unstable hillside. so this could get worse. homes along span avenue and bonnie street were the hardest hit. lee ann has the story on the cleanup. >> first came the gushing wate water. then the mud covering these streets and threatening homes. >> police say that you better evacuation ate. water coming down fast. >>reporter: about 12 homes were evacuated. people left in
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a hurry. and november gated their way through the slippery streets. >> we had luggage didn't know how long we would be evacuated for so we brought 2 day worth of clothes. i was speechless. >>reporter: daly city water department quickly found the source of the spewing water. >> 8 inch cast iron pipe and it sheared off up l on the hillside. >>reporter: pipe will now have to be replaced. >> well the age of the pipe was originally constructed back in the mid 30's. >>reporter: after city engineers inspected the hill residents were allowed back inside their homes. >> somebody must be watching us upstairs. before my wife prays a lot. >> fortunately the debris didn't impact homes directly just the streets and cars parked around the area. >>reporter: mud had buried the cars up to the tires and owner cost do fog about it. >> i had my deductible to take care of. hopefully the city will cover my deductible. >> car to be washed down and
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with muddy want a new car. >>reporter: eventually they were towed away. insurance adjuster now have to inspect the damage. residents left with unstable hillside that could crumble if it starts to rain. >> that hill could come down any moment because we have this the second tame. >>reporter: tomorrow very early in the morning crew begin shoring up the hill hillside. they want to stabilize the hill before it starts to rain. in daly city, abc 7 news. so what to do? car owner whose suffer damage in the pipe break and flood can get reimbursed for any repair bills or replacement costs. first they need to check their insurance obviously. policy will not cover damage unless it includes comprehensive coverag coverage. however victims can also file a claim against daly city. claim forms are available at city hall and the city clerk office each claim will be reviewed by the city risk manager and outside claim adjuster. all things considered crews were able to get things under
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control pretty quickly after pipe burst. vick lee with that part of the story. >> reservoir built 78 years ago in the original section of daly city. patrick sweet land is director of the daly city water and waste water resource department. >> history tells me it was a w p a project back in the day where they cut the reservoir inside existing rock. >>reporter: massive tank sits top hillside park with capacity to store about 900,000 gallons of water. it serves the southern eastern portion of the city. cast iron pipeq÷ that broke serves as the pipe that runs down the park. >> that's where it failed this morning. section just sheared right that kind of tells thus juncture we are dealing with the able of the pipe. >>reporter: the line broke about where the gully is now washed out on the side of the hill. once the water department was alerted, it took about 10 minutes to isolate the valve and stop the leak. they were able to do that quickly.
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because crew his just moved the eyes las vegas valve closer up the hill to the reservoir last year. during a seismic upgrade of the reservoir roof. >> we recognize that about 100 feet down the hill into a vault was where the eyes las vegas valve was originally so with the tank being drained we decided to move the reservoir isolation valve closer. >>reporter: the move of the valve made it easier and faster to shut the water off today. sweet land says there are other old pipes in the aging infrastructure that serves the original section of daly city. >> to try to do the best you can to assess the vulnerability and put redundant systems in place like here with the isolation valve closer to the tank. >>reporter: sweet land says once they finish with the clean up effort and shore up the hillside for the coming rain they will decide whether to replace or repair the old pipe. one thing they had planned to do before the leak started washingtons to strengthen the inside of aging pipes by putting liners in them. and now that the leak has happened,
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maybe they will expedite the plans to do that. vick lee, abc 7 news. well moving on from the flood. walnut creek police hope several new surveillance photo will track down 2 kidnappers. this ace picture of one of the wanted men. 2 are suspected of abducting a woman on november 7th at the shade land business park. police say the pair grabbed 57-year-old woman tied her up and blindfolded her. they then drove her car to several atm and forced her to withdraw money. police say they made one big mistake. >> at one point did he have a mask on and in the video after about a minute or 2 he actually covers the face again so it would appear that he just let down his guard for a brief moment. >>reporter: investigators say the kidnappers used the names autopsy bring and david for the victim police tell us she has mostly covered from her injuries but it is of course a trauma tightsing event. former san francisco school
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work whor terrorize women in the mission district last year was convicted today. 31-year-old frederick dozer faced dozens of charges related to the rape of 3 women. verdict came down today. >> the defendant frederick a dozer junior guilty of the crime of felony. >>reporter: jury found him guilty on 25 counts including kidnapping sexual assault and robbery. it took more than 40 minutes to read all the vevrdz that were that many. dozer didn't react to the jury decision. district attorney credited the victims for testifying in court. he will be sentenced next month. california largest business group is challenging the state cap and trade program. california chamber of commerce lawsuit comes on the eve of the state first auction for carbon credit. of mark tonight with a look at why cap and trade is so very important. >>reporter: when governor schwarzenegger signed the global warming bill back in september of 2006 he set into
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place a system of charging companies for the amount of carbon they put in the atmosphere. in order to keep the company from fleeing to other states california air resources board adopt add plan to slowly phase in the carbon caps. company like cliff bar in emeryville are celebrating today hoping to take advantage of the by installing solar panel on the roof top. >> this provides 70% of our electricity and heat and saves us 1 grave,000 dollars annually on electric bills. >>reporter: cliff bar cancel the carbon credit it receives from the panel. to company that exceed the amount of carbon the state allows them to put into the atmosphere. >> we hear a lot of concern. >>reporter: spokesman for the california manufacturer and technology association says this he says company are going to have to pay more to meet the carbon limits and ultimately those costs will be passed on to consumers and will cost job jobs. >> but there's a distinction between a good cap and trade
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program that helps california reduce its emission at minimal cost and auction that is designed to extract billions of dollars from industry in our highest wage employer in california and that simply carbon has done. >>reporter: energy institute at berkeley professor says that's just not accurate. >> consume remember probably going to see almost nothing in the next year. >>reporter: he says big energy users like utility, oil compan company, cement manufacturer all been given permit by the stay to comfort carbon they produce. the cap will be reduced over the years but he says there is also a built-in incentive to improve. >> because if you figure out a way to make the cement while emitting fewer green house gas you good tote keep the permit. that means you get to the make money. >>reporter: we asked the big oil refinery in the bay area to weigh in but only chevron responded and would say only that it will participate in the cap and trade program as it is required to do. there ace
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provision in the regulations that requires refinery to pass on the cost of the carbon cost of burning a gallon of gasoline in the car and that takes effect in 2015. and if current carbon projections hold, it could raise the price of a gallon of gas by 15 cents. in the newsroom, israeli abc 7 news. when an e-mail doesn't stay private. couple. 4 star section scandal spraechltdz just ahead. fewer than 50, 4 star general around the globe and tonight 2 of the most formidable in the heat of the spotlight. >> week after we voted election is called and it is an upset. recent cal graduate who just knocked off a veteran politician. spencer is here with the weather. >> alaska weather forecast center. warmer on the coast than inland mid november. could happen total. my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> late development tonight on the did you knowness crab season. looks like you will be able to crack one open for
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[ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> for the first time since the scandal broke camera have caught glimpses of paula broadwell at her brother's
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house in washington, d.c. broadwell is the alleged mistress of former cia director general david petraeus. the investigation is widening now in the petraeus scandal. it includes another general. general john allen. the man entrusted with winding down the nation war in afghanistan. martha explains what happened today. >>reporter: breath taking. within days 2 4 star generals so widely respected in the midst of scandal. first david petraeus and now general john allen being investigated for sending what the pentagon said were potentially inappropriate messages. putting on hold his likely promotion to become the supreme allied commander in europe. >> of course it weighs on him. as much as it ways on dave petraeus. i believe that davis very, very sad for what he has admitted he did. >> at the center of the web jill kelly. tampa socialite
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and honorary military ambassador living near where the head quarters where petraeus and allen were based. it was early this summer that kelly received anonymous e-mails accusing her of flaun flaunting her friendly relationship with top military brass. fbi traced those e-mails back to paula broadwell computer where they discovered the evidence of broadwell affair with david petraeus. but it doesn't stop there abc news has learned that general allen also received an anonymous e-mail traced to paula broadwell painting jill kelly as sew duck trees. further lack by the fbi that kelly e-mail revealed hundreds between kelly and general allen. 20 to 30,000 pages of communication in all. but source familiar with the e-mails say they contain no evidence of a sexual relationship. supporting what allen says. instead they are describe as friendly. perhaps
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flirtatious but routine. mostly about meeting with ambassador and dinner party pet kelly tells the general she saw him on tv. he responds thanks dear. you are a sweet heart. many e-mails were from kelly to general allen's wife. the 2 kims were good friend. >> somebody proves otherwise i believe that he did nothing inappropriate. >>reporter: and today the white house made clear the president still has faith in general allen. but the petraeus case is an entirely different matter. late last night federal agents descended on the home of his mistress paula broadwell gathering more material including a desk top computer making sure she doesn't hold any classified information. and dave petraeus once such a public hero now forced into the shadow. this is abc news washington. one more strange twist to the story in endless stream of strange twists to the story. police found paula broadwell
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driver's license in washington rock creek park a jogger apparently stumbled on it. not clear how it got there or how long it was in the park. congresswoman l pelosi is expected to end speculation about her political future tomorrow. while introducing new house democrat this morning she said she will make a major announcement tomorrow morning about whether she will continue as minority leader. tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of her role as top house democrat. she served 2 terms as house speaker before republicans took over in the 2010 midterm election. pelosi announcement scheduled for 7:00 a.m. l our time. let you know what is said. >> well local election has been decided one week after voters went to the poll. it's an upset. 25-year-old zacchary l elected to the bart beard of direct tovrments he just finished graduate school at uc berkeley. got masters in city planning with concentration in transportation. he beat out incumbent sweet. she has long criticized the lack of my no co
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businesses reportedly retaliated by paying for attack ads against her and she lost her seat. bart contract are the life blood of many firms. agency doled out 2 billion dollars last year a lot of money at stake. >> spencer is here with mid week forecast. >> it's almost like springtime out there. temperatures tomorrow at the coast warmer than some inland locations. here's a live view from our high definition mount tam camera into the bay. downtown san francisco l and see the bay bridge there off in the sdachbilitys on a clear mainly clear night. here's live doppler 7 hd and you can see we have a few thin high cloud around but sky mainly clear all around the b area and looks like we have clear skies stream ovring night hours as well with another lovely day coming our way tomorrow. our current temperature read rtion these down to 48 degrees up at santa rosa. likely to be one of the chillier spots overnight
9:19 pm
tonight. 46 fairfield. a little chilly also down to 49 in los gatos. most other readings in the 50's right now with couple of locations topping out coming if right now at 60 degrees or more. these are the forecast feature. warmer day tomorrow than today even. rainy pattern by the end of the week continue through the weekend and into early next week. check out our executive low temperature tomorrow night 38 at fairfield 41 at livermore morgan hill and chilly in some spots but mild interothers. satellite radar composite image. still high pressure holding on as the controlling feature in our weather. keep our sky mainly clear tomorrow and give us another mild day but we have a storm developing tomorrow offshore. this will be our next rain maker but it won't ariff until up that the week. start the forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and overnight tonight that tomorrow we see high pressure still holding on give us another mainly sunny and mild day tomorrow. by thursday we see high clouds beginning to thicken then over fight
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thursday into friday morning we see rain arriving. once it does we have about 4 days of wet weather. not a continuous rain for 4 days but periods of rain for 4 consecutive days. during the period friday through monday rainfall total ranging over an inch to 4 inches in the wet east parts of the bay area. tomorrow no rai rain. lots of sun. mild in the south bay with high pressure in the low 70's. 72 at san jose and kawp tino. peninsula similar range of 72 at redwood city and mountain view and on the coast 72 at half moon bay and 70 at pacifica. downtown san francisco will have a high of 70. milder in the sun set district. high of 71. upper 60's to low 70's will blanket most of the north bay nearest bay 72 at oakland. 71 at union city and castro vaechlt inland east bay see high mainly in the low 70's but a little cooler as you go out to the delta there pittsburgh high of 69. 68 antioch. only 67 in brentwood. near monterey bay some mid
9:21 pm
70's very mild in that renal of the bay area. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more mild day this week before cooling off a tad on friday as rain begins. as i mention it's wet through the weekend into monday. might even see isolated thunderstorm or 2 on saturday as we have some unstable air there. so after two days of warm get ready for wet fall like weather. >> that's our pattern tonight is this time of year thanks very much. >> who pictures like art in the sky. we continue to look what's behind the streak ins the bay area sky today. why they just lingered there. >> plus. >> i don't care what the critic think. >> that may ab good thing. 13-year-old who is singing her way to you tube infamy what critic say is the worst song criti[ male announcer ] song citibank's app for ipad
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standard at citibank. can can. >> scientist and tens of thousands of people watched as a total eclipse punch northern australia into darkness. wild. blocking out the sun until the sky as you see here turned black. total darkness. lasted just over 2 minutes. >> well if wondering what caused the strange streak that appeared in our sky this afternoon there's a simple smrachblingts streak could be seep from san francisco to martinez. we speded them up for you. they are actually con trillion of airplane that fly over us every single day. they usually disappear fairly quickly but the combination of cool air and moisture made them last longer. enough to form these fascinating patterns in the sky. just sort of linger there for a time. l good news. deal has been reached on the whole sale price of crab this season and we can expect to pay a little bit more than last year. after some
9:26 pm
wrangling buyers today agreed to the crabber demand of 3 dollars a pound. that means the average retail price per pound for local dungeness crab will be around 7 dollars but the season looks pretty good. and we should have plenty of crab to eat. commercial season starts tomorrow morning at dawn and the first catch fresh local crab should hit the market thursday or friday. well more to bring you her here. it's a first in the bay area and nation in fact as of of the news continues tonight. bay area drivers now have a new cleaner alternative to filling up their tanks. >> plus you meet no land shell miller. 3 names reflect unusual circumstances of a beautiful baby born in oakland last week. you get the full story. also if you breed of adventurer when three-wheel are better than 2. >> and the hormone that helps >> and the hormone that helps men stay instead of @
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>> bio dose el fuel now available at a street corner station for individual customers for the first time in the bay area and in the nation. it's made possible by a a partnership of 2 peninsula base company. the story tonight from business and technology reporter david. >> it looks like ordinary corner gas station but the fuel is far from ordinary. it's a blended biodiesel. oil made from feeding plant base sugar to algae. south san francisco base company says it produces 30 percent fewer particulate. 20 percent less carbon dioxide and 10% less hydro-carbon. this company is offering the cleaner burning fuel at 4 location ins the bay area with more in the works. >> we are showing what the future is going to look like and we hope that others will follow suit and follow our
9:31 pm
example and bring cleaner fuel to the public. >>reporter: at 4.23 a gallon the biodiesel cost the same as regular diesel. however they expect the price to fall into the same range as gasoline as it ramp up production. vice president of fuel at the company. >> we have one facility in the united states today that is producing of demonstration scale quantity of our oil. that's in peoria, illinois and we are building commercial plant. one is down in brazil pwuchlt we have others that we haven't yet announced but coming on line in the near future. >>reporter: deman also expected to be strong among commercial states such as delivery van and service vehicle. they see a broader market for the algae base oil and working with the airlines, car makers on alternative fuel to reduce foreign oil dependen. it's worked with algae in the in the lab even proud a line of high end cosmetic cream. >> it can be used biodiesel l but also renubble diesel and jet fuel, conventional sort of
9:32 pm
military grade speck fuel so full range of fuels e-propel and solar design use the station and other 3 to get feedback from consumers. with the price of both diesel and biodiesel the same, consumers get a highways for the very first time. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> thieves hit east bay museum dedicated to california history. police are reviewing surveillance video from the oakland museum of california after a break in around 11:30 last night. criminals took off with artifacts and precious metal. stolen object have more historic than monetary value and police will not reveal specifically what was taken. museum officials say the building security alarm went off during the break in and officers arrived 3 minutes later. >> strike by employee for the raily knob hill grocery chain is over. union and company have made a deal tonight but not were you the a marathon negotiating session and what some say is a big win for wor
9:33 pm
workers. nick smith has the story. praws applause. >>reporter: there are screams of excitement. and signs of victory outside the knob hill grocery store in alameda. company threw every tool they had at the guys and they didn't back down 1 inch that's why we had a settlement this morning. >>reporter: negotiators penlded the 9 day old strike by coming to terms over wages and raily proposal to get rid of health care benefit for rae tyree eligible for medicare. strike was the first strike in the 77 year history of the chain and it appeared to have support from the public. >> i don't want to break the pickets lines. i want you guys to get the strike over because i want to continue buying my grocery. haven't bought them for two week. >> not asking for anything mor more. we are asking to keep what we have. >>reporter: yesterday while terms were still being negotiated spoke with raily spokesperson by phone. he
9:34 pm
confirmed to me that the strike caused their business to take a hit. but that negotiating new terms to the worker contract was necessary for the company to stay competitive. >> we are under fierce competitive attack from a number of non-union retailers who ex paned to sell grocery and compete in the future we have lower our operating cost nishtion a statement about the new deal raily sent this to us. this is very exciting because this contract provides us with cost savings we need to fund our vision and initiative to make us more competitive in the 21st century. neither side will discuss details but union members did share this. >> i can tell you our primary objective of maintaining medical for our family members and rae tyree has been maintained. raily knob hill still participating in a union trust fund. >> union had already reached contract agreement with other major grocery stores. raily knob hill the only hold out. now the union needs to present the daily to the members for
9:35 pm
vote. both side say they are happy to have the deal completed before the busy thanksgiving holiday. this is 7 news. governor brown has made an unconventional choice in select ago new state park director. he picked this man. retired marine general anthony l jackson former commander of marine corps installation throughout the west. there's his pichblingt last director was forced to resign over millions in hidden fund that went unspent. even when dozens of park were his threatened with closure. well one oakland police officer calls it highlight of his career. helping to deliver a baby boy at a gas station on friday night. today the baby and his parents reunited with the 3 officers who brought him into this world. laura has the story. >>reporter: nolan shell mille miller. healthy 7 pound 14 ounce baby boy named after oakland nolan park near where he was born delivered by 3 oakland police officers in the
9:36 pm
family car friday night at a shell gas station. >> blessing for us as police officers to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. >> these 3ber matter what happens him if they saved my son's life. >>reporter: now 4 days old the baby was introduced to the officers who helped bring him in the world. they presented the infant with the first teddy bear. officer jeffrey the former nursing assistant took the lead on the delivery. >> it's surreal. happy moment. and just one of the best moments and memory i'll ever have. >>reporter: just after 7:00 p.m. friday the baby dad barry miller pulled into the shell station in a panic. and ran into the store asking for help. his wife was in labor inside the car and there was no time to spare. >> yes. i really don't quite remember everything because i feel in like i was dying and
9:37 pm
coming back 10 take place all i can say is i am glad they was there. >>reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> welcome to the world. was he poisoned. coming up. world leader whose grave business to be opened up and body investigated we explain why. >> next time you hear the rumbling of motorcycle approaching? don't be so certain that you don't be so certain that you know who;x
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>> almost 8 years to the day after he died the body of arafat is about to be exhumed. when he died at the aim of 75 french doctors couldn't say what killed him. talk of poisoning surfaced after a swiss lab recently discovered
9:41 pm
traces of a he deadly radioactive isotope on clothes said to be arafat. crew have begun removing concrete and stones from his mausoleum. work will last for about two two weeks. perhaps it will yield a final answer. >> some stunning news canadian researchers. man believed to have been in avenge take it i have state for more than a decade has been able to tell scientist that he's not in any pain. it's the first time a patient who is uncommunicative and severely brain injured has been able to give answers about their care. 39-year-old scott ralph was asked questions while the brain being scanned. now proof owens told the bbc we have scanned him several times and his pattern of brain activity shows he's clearly choosing to answer our questions. we believe he knows who and where he is. and there's more. when doctors asked scott if he was in any pain he very clearly said i'm not in pain. doctors say this
9:42 pm
discover mean medical text book need rewriting. remarkable. >> to aging mind but young hearts. we are talking about baby bamers revving up the three-wheel investigators go on the road. here's nick. >> weird t.leather vest. chrome. more beard. these fella aren't pwishing. they are trikeer. saddle up on an easier rider. >> life without the bike is just like and never enough for us. >>reporter: old bone just can't handle 2 wheels any more. >> i wanted to get a harley but i have a bad leg. >> different reasons different hip replacement. different back jersey we good to a trach. >>reporter: as the baby boomer biker of the 70's are aging trike sales are through the roof. up 45 percent last year. harley davidson even making a three-wheel model and many beast they are custom made.
9:43 pm
>> st of us just want to keep ourselves in the wind. >>reporter: brothers of the third wheel global trike gang has 7000 members and counting. guys still riding well to their 90's. more laid back experience than a bike and riding i could have fallen asleep fit wasn't for bobby pitching tail slapping in my face. keeping the ailing and injured on the open road. >> if you don't know the feeling it's hard to explain. it's just a blast. >>reporter: are you going to ride this thing until you die. i'll ride to either get killed or die. >>reporter: born to be wild don is revving to grow old. abc news pacific coast highway. >> easy riding coming up. saying thank you. ♪before thanks giving. >> new song is one of the video
9:44 pm
trend on you tube. not everyone is giving thanks for this song. >> you will get the story as 7 california foster children, 0 the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything.
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what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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@ >> there is a new hit song out. it hit you tube less than a week ago and video already has 4 million hits. but some say it could be the worst song eve ever. why? here's david wright. >> it's thanksgiving. >> she's 12. she's got a turkey leg. and boy is she thankful. ♪ nicole west brook has a hit. since the pint size martha stewart served up the video last wed it's thank giving wracked up 4
9:48 pm
million view. more than 9,000 thumb up. ♪ more than 70,000 thumb down. a lot of people seem to think the song is a turkey. some are even calling it the worst song ever. thanksgiving dinner go this one is kind of bizarre. where are the grown ups for one thing. >> i don't know why they weren't there. but i'm kind of glad they weren't. >> instead of family feast this is more like a betweenan d party. who is that guy? guy who wrote the song and produced the video. that's wh who. the patrice wilson same guy responsible for last year teen viral video sensation, 13-year-old rebecca blast. >> no recipe for viral success. you can't necessarily create for it but you know it when you see it. >>reporter: wreck rebecca had a tough time with the critic but also more than from a million views on you tube.
9:49 pm
number that must make those 800,000 tl dislike easier to swallow. >> honestly i don't care what the critic think and if they can say whatever they want. they are entitled to their own opinion. >>reporter: turns out nicole west brook has no idea how to roast a turkey. >> usually don't cook. so i don't have many tips for you there. >>reporter: but she sure is thankful for all the attention. many david wright abc news los angeles. >> come on she's having fun. all right let's go back and check the weather. experience is here one last time. >> turkey leg made me hungry. really hungry. time lapse view of the high definition emeryville camera. 4:59 official sunset time in beautiful sunset it was as was the post sunset sky. tomorrow state wide sunny mild conditions. lovely day all across the state. cooler weather up to north of eureka
9:50 pm
a. south to l.a. or palm springs for warm weather. in the middle bay area is the place to be. sunny skies. mild from coast to inland high low 70's on the coast low 70's around the bay. low 70's inland. can't get much more beautiful than. that 7 day forecast mild weather tomorrow and thursday. cloud arrive thursday night rain arrives friday. we have periods of rain friday saturday sunday and monday maybe even isolated thunderstorm or 2 on saturday. so definitely going to be a period of wet weather for about 4 days now. >> please anti-indoor activity. >> thanks very much. >> hormone may able to keep men from straying. scientist in germany gave men in month nothing husband relationship this drug. they stayed up to half foot farther away from an attractive woman they didn't know. spray had no effect on the distance that single men chose to keep between themselves and the attractive woman. lots of attractive women wish all men took that.
9:51 pm
stay away. >> i secrete it naturally. that is the effect. >> very foychbility the a's were one of the best stories in baseball having the right manager obviously key. honors for been
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♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. busted at the movies. man wa was-caught during the new james bond movie. that movie was actually playing in the theate . >> also what happened to alec smith last weekend concussion we are talking about. we take a look at what happened inside the brain and things you need to know to prevent permanent daniel to the brain in sports injuries. those stories more coming up at 11 but mr. biel is here with the sports. >> it's award season. congratulations in order for bob melvin named american league manager of the year. he took an oakland team everybody figured was last place and transformed them into division champion. a had a 20 game
9:55 pm
improvement in the one loss record from 2011. went 94 and 68. they captured the al west crown. pushed the tying investigators 5 games in the division play offs series. melvin edged out buck of the orioles 16-12 first place voting in the balloting done by the baseball writer association of america. bruce finished third. this was a 1 man race basically. captured by national skipper johnson. johnson with 23 of the 32 first place votes. baker of the reds former giants skipper finished second. keep in maipd the voting is done at the end of the regular season. so bruce leaving the giants world series titles is not considered. fire sale. nothing in you in miami. mary lips at it again sending everything except the if you aquarium in the stadium to toronto. jose reyes, johnson, burly buck and boneface blockbuster trade to toronto that will bring short stop east
9:56 pm
could before and other pros text to florida. unload 185 million dollars in long-term contracts. in college moon cal second game of the season tonight hosting pepperdine. bears have a big time score in junior allen and look who was attendance. thomas going to graduate school at cal training to better himself. issued start to work on that. play of the game. loose ball. ricky recapture richard solomon. throwing it down. bears with a solid punch. p.m. steal and big first half and finish with 23 points. crab on fire in the second half. 24 of his career high 33 in the second half. back-to-back 3. silk smooth and dad in the stands looking on. if believe me later. that's the big fella throwing down as cal moves to 2 and o. 17 point win. 79-62 over the waves. former cal football basketball star gonzalez taking
9:57 pm
it kentucky game in atlanta. that's him if noel with a dunk and alex with authority. like a foot over the rim. but it was the little brothers seventh who led all scores with 23. he's a sneaky curry. slithering to the hoop and duke take it 75-68. over the wildcats. cal football team play the final game of this season. saturday at oregon state. after that jeff sits down with athletic director barber to discuss the future. bears at 3 and 8 and a lot of alum old blue it's time for change in the program. him if 11th year at cal here. school record 85 victories. his success paved the way for the 3-21 million dollars in renovation at memorial stadium without him they don't have the new stadium. sense the program kind of lost its way. three years left on the contract so buy-out will be hefty. cost
9:58 pm
6.9 million dollars that would be paid by boosters. >> we really have to put a how can i be better as head coach. help our stachlt help our players. so the first place i will look is in the mirror to see. i'll ask for input from the staff on those types of things. >> stanford really got it rolling. still have rose bowl hope as they attempt to do the near impossible. that would be beat no. 2 rank oregon on the road this saturday. duck average 55 points game. just clobbered cal 59-17. so many weapons. heisman candidate barn among afternoon of 7 yards a care 20 touch downs. 5 td against usc. t number stopping him. monumental challenge. >> the kid is a complete anima animal. i have seen on film so far some cuts i have never seen in my life. just vision across
9:59 pm
the field. the way that he can move and see holes and it's ridiculous but paparrazi our goal is to bake sure we cut those things off. >> many that's a good goal. many. >> nobody has been able to achieve it. just to tell you how dominant oregon has been averaging all the gawdy number numbers. sanford top 15 team in the bcs ranking. they are 13 or 14 right now. they are 21 and a half point under dog at oregon. >> really? so fast across the board both sides of the ball. >> tempo they play difficult to substitute and if you can't get sub in your guys are tired and they run right by you. 7 yards a care. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> marlins should just sold the aquarium. >> that's our report. for larry and all of us here i'm dan. thanks so much for watching appreciate your time. hope to see you in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now. on channel 7. goodbye for now.

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